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Hello. My name is Gary Kadow, and I am the Northeast Ohio Area Director for College Prospects of America. I am best reached via E-MAIL >>> at >>> (or) you may call me at 

My CELL PHONE is 440-478-8253









If you are currently a SENIOR, the clock is ticking, your recruiting window of opportunity is closing, and you need to do something FAST!!!!


     If YOU want to go to continue playing sports at the collegiate level, college coaches need to know WHO and WHERE you are.  They need to know WHAT have you accomplished, LEARN about your size, speed and grades and test scores. HOW can they get in touch with you and your high school or club coaches and VIEW your videos.  College Prospects can help you !!!!!!!


     About 65% of the kids we work with here in NE Ohio, stay within a three to four hour drive from home (or closer).  Most of these athletes received BETTER financial packages, than if they did not use our service.  However, if you are "OPEN" to travel out of state, it is quite possible some amazing educational, athletic, and financial aid opportunities may be located at a college or university that you would not otherwise have ever considered.  Several of our local athletes are playing their sport on scholarship in states like New Mexico, Kansas, Florida, Massachusetts, Georgia, Iowa, and MANY others. The school that has everything you need, and a college coach who really "NEEDS YOU" is probably out there!!  The problem is----the coach who really needs YOU, knows nothing about you (OR) how to find you at this time!


Former CPOA Client Josh Haldi during Top 25 Season (Northern Illinois University) via Madison High School


     We are the worlds largest marketing service for high school student athletes.  Now entering our 32nd year in business, CPOA has assisted over 50,000 families, in their quest for a college education, athletic scholarships, and similar financial aid packages.  Our Cleveland office is starting its 19th year, and has helped Northeast Ohio student athletes find the right college since 1998.  We now have offices in 40 USA states, all over Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, Mexico, Columbia,  Brazil and Nigeria.  CPOA has direct contact with college coaches in all NCAA, NAIA, NCCAA, and NJCAA divisions. 


     CPOA works with student athletes in 28 different boys and girls sports!!!  CPOA's Northeast Ohio office has assisted in the placement of student athletes, at an average SAVINGS of over $17,300 per year in financial aid (Since 1998) .  Many of these locals are on FULL RIDES. Our year 2010 through 2017 graduating class averaged an UNBELIEVABLE  $22,500 PLUS +++ in savings (Gift Aid) per year!!!!


     CPOA will create an academic/athletic profile for you, in your sport of choice, and send those profiles directly to college coaches, at schools where you can compete academically and athletically.  CPOA is one of the only national services that sends profiles directly to coaches via U.S. mail (as well as via email)  !!!!   College coaches receive information on our athletes an average of twice per month, directly to their desk!!!!!!   CPOA relies on evaluations from your current high school coaches, and club team coaches.  Complete profiles of student athletes are also listed for coaches to see on our national web-site. (security version)


     CPOA also provides video enhancement services, (our video capabilities now allow us to "streamline" video directly on to our web-site,  (or) DVD/CD-Rom to send directly to college coaches) Many college coaches have commented that our enhanced videos are among the BEST they have ever seen!!!  We also offer internet marketing, FAX service, financial aid counseling, FAFSA form preparation & FAFSA electronic filing, and unlimited guidance through the maze of NCAA and NAIA recruiting rules and regulations.


     You will achieve the best results, if you begin our program "sooner, rather than later".  Although it is never too late, Sophomore and Junior year is the BEST time to begin in our programs.  In most cases, the recruiting process should be well underway during your junior year. Many NCAA D-I Universities already have verbal commitments from 2018 AND YES-------even 2019 high school student athletes.  Many of these coaches are already actively pursuing 2019 and believe it or not-------2020 grads!!!!! 


The Hounshell Family, Three former clients and student athletes from Mentor (Lake Catholic) High School

Chase ( U of Notre Dame Football), Cheri (Mom), Colette (St. Francis NY Girls Basketball), Chad (Central Florida Football)


     PLEASE DO NOT BE SHOCKED ^^^^^ as most people do not understand how recruiting really works.  Athletic scholarships are NOT unlimited.  There are limits for each college for what they can give, depending on Division and Sport.  The majority of 2018 NCAA D-I athletic scholarships in ALL sports have already been spoken for!!!!  Still, many colleges do still have roster spots available.  New coaches get hired and are looking for athletes. Some kids transfer to other schools, and others just stop playing, which opens more opportunity.


     Time tables for college coaches have sped up considerably (by about a year) over the past seven years, especially at the D-I level.  If you have not received a phone call from an NCAA coach after (JULY 1st for most sports) after your junior year of high school, (April 15th to May 31st of junior year for D-I football only, ------after June 15th for D-II football)  you are not being seriously recruited, and probably need some help!!!  ----If your phone DID NOT RING from college coaches during or after these time frames, you are "likely" not very high on a college coaches wish list!!  WE CAN HELP!!


     If you are a senior (or) a 2nd semester junior, it is not too late to help you find the right college, but you need to have realistic expectations.  MANY NCAA D-I colleges are making scholarship offers to high school athletes who are currently juniors, and sometimes even younger!


     Although College coaches have guide-lines and rules that are regulated by the NCAA, it is VERY IMPORTANT to already be in the recruiting funnel BEFORE they are allowed to start calling YOU.  Ideally, you need to already be in a position to be receiving OFFERS from college coaches (in many cases) during the summer between junior and senior year-----or much sooner!!


     Based on your current academic standing, GPA, ACT, and SAT scores, and the sport you wish to pursue, CPOA will contact the vast majority of schools in the country, that will accept your academic and athletic skill levels.  Our average profile is mailed to over 500 college coaches, with some of our "Blue Chip" kids, being matched with over 1,000 schools.  Some of our Northeast Ohio clients, have gone from NO college contacts, to over  (225) colleges who were actively recruiting those athletes!


Tasita Garcia 2012 Girls Golfer (Iowa Western College via Bedford High School)


     CPOA Cleveland now works with student athletes in the following counties: (Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula, Huron, Medina, Wayne and Lorain) as well as the Erie, Pennsylvania area (Erie, Crawford and Warren Counties) . 


      If you do not live in these areas of Ohio, Or live out of state, please e-mail me at, and I will put you in touch with your closest CPOA Representative.      


     To find out how our programs work, please set up a "FREE-----NO OBLIGATIONS INTERVIEW".  CPOA will send a representative to speak with the student athlete and his/her parents, and attempt to contact a member of their coaching staff.  


     So do YOU want to continue playing sports in college? 

     Contact Gary Kadow TODAY & Please fill out our questionnaire (link below)



Gary Kadow (Green Shirt, 3rd from left) and University of Central Florida Head Football Coach George O'Leary (4th from left)